Easily share your cryptocurrency addresses
Addie is a simple service which makes it easier for users to share their cryptocurrency addresses.
Cryptocurrency addresses are long and arbitrary strings of text, which are impractical to share in real life.
With Addie, you solve that problem by making a portfolio for all your cryptocurrency addresses.
You simply share your profile and people can access your addresses by only knowing your username.
Make an Addie accountRegistering is incredibly simple and takes less than a minute.

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Add your addressesAddie currently supports 482 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

List of supported coins

Share your Addie!Give people access to your cryptocurrency addresses simply by telling them your memorable username.

Here's an example profile


Addie has a simple API, which allows for services to easily integrate it.

Imagine receiving coins from a faucet or a pool using an Addie username instead of an address or sending coins to your friends simply by typing their nickname and clicking send.

Addie can make it possible to do just that with its easy-to-use API.

To get a JSON dictionary of all addresses for an account, go

To get a plaintext address of a certain coin(e.g. DOGE) for an account, go

Both usernames and coin abbreviations are case insensitive and usernames range from 3 to 20 characters.

Click here for a list of sites that use Addie's API.

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